The causal wave


I like white, because it is pure and free.

I like the silence, because it is loud inside my head.

I like to see things as a unity, because everything belongs together.

I like waves, because everything in life is that way.


„The causal wave“ is the continuation of Verena Klein’s graduation work, just as this one also the continuation was of a foregone force.

In this world everything is the cause and at the same time the effect of something.

And sometimes just little dancing waves and oscillations that we don’t perceive, are simultaneously cause and effect.


Always in search of serenity, Verena aims to create outfits that radiate a feeling of space, purity and lightness.

She uses only full-organic fabrics with a focus on linen and wool, to create conscious and sustainable collections.

Photography  I  © Jonas Löllmann

Model  I  Mami Izumi, Marika Meoli